Dewata Web

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contact-us Who are we?

We are a web developer who helped many companies and individuals to develop their business on the internet

Starting from a simple web package to a complex web based applications

contact-us Creative Idea

Draft ImageWe will translate your creative ideas into a simple but powerful shape, so easy to understand and be understood by your clients

We also provide a variety of creative ideas in developing your business in online media. With hope that your business can growing rapidly

contact-us Based on what you need

Canvas ImageWe develop web applications based on your needs. We also provide package to help those who has a limited budget

You can use our own web apps engine or develop costume web apps just for you. If you love to use Opensource CMS like Wordpress and others, yes we can help you

contact-us Contact Us

Bali Office:

Jalan Tukad Gerinding No 7

Denpasar – Bali, 80225

Contact Mail:

info [at] dewataweb [dot] net